Using gift rewards

Gift rewards can be associated with crowdfunding projects and campaigns. It allows crowdfunders to reward sponsors with a service or product. For example, a crowdfunder may decide to sell "tickets" for a sport event to sponsors that gift at least € 10,00. Crowdfunders are responsible themselves for processing purchases appropriately (for example, sending invitations, location details or shipping physical products).

Adding gift rewards

Participants can add up to ten gift rewards through their personal page while logged in. The following attributes can be supplied:

  • Title: a short title of the reward, shown on the website and in the confirmation mail.
  • Description: a short description, shown on the website.
  • Amount: the minimum amount to purchase the gift reward, sponsors are free to gift more than this and still receive the gift reward.
  • Quantity: the availability of the gift reward. Each purchase decreases the quantity left by one. Leave empty for an infinite availability.

Deleting gift rewards

Gift rewards can be deleted by crowdfunders while logged in on their personal page. They can also be deleted from the One Community back-end by browsing to the "Gift rewards" tab in the corresponding crowdfunding section. Deleted gift rewards will not be shown to end-users, but remain visible on previously purchased gifts.

Buying gift rewards

For sponsors to be able to buy (or select) a gift reward, the sponsor form (see: Creating forms) needs to contain a "Gift > Destination" field. The field allows end-users to select a crowdfunding project or campaign and will show and validate corresponding gift rewards that are still available.

Crowdfunders can see which gift reward is selected by a sponsor in the confirmation mail and in the "Sponsors" tab on their personal page on the website.