Creating mailings

After you've added or select an existing campaign you're ready to add a mailing. 

Click the '+ Add mailing' button in the top of the page and start building your mailing. 

  • First, give the mailing a title. This is for internal use.
  • Then choose who will receive this mailing:
  • Groups (send your mail to an entire group)
  • Segments (send your mail to segments you've created, use this for milestones etc.)
  • Contacts (add single contacts to your recipients)
  • And choose if it's an important mailing. In this case the mailing will also be send to contacts that have been unsubscribed from mailings. 
  • Select the sender and whether the sender should be personalized or not.
  • Choose a subject line for you mailing
  • Select a template
  • Start filling your mailing. 

After you've saved the mailing you can open a preview window or send a test mail.