Difference between mailings and transactional mails

In One Community we use two types of mailings: 

  • Transactional mail
  • Campaign mail

Transactional mail
If you'd like to send a confirmation mail linked to a form on the website you need to use a transactional mail. In these mails you can use variables which are used in forms like payment details and you can use PDF templates like invoices. It is also possible to add attachments to the mail like brochures or therms and conditions. 

Transactional mails will be automatically send to a single user after a form has been successfully completed. 

Important note: it's not possible to use unsubscribe links in these mails.

Campaign mail
In campaign mails you can use account variables but not form field entries. Campaign mails are used for newsletters, milestones, marketing mails etc. Campaign mails can be send to groups, segments and single contacts. 

In these mails you have the option to use the 'personalized sender' function. If the recipient of the mailing has an internal contact person in One Community, we will attempt to send the mail from contact person's email address.

It is also possible to set these mailings to be automated. We check if there are new recipients and send the mail as soon as they match your criteria. These mails will only be send once per contact.