Importing contacts

Contacts can be imported into a group from CSV, Excel and ODS (OpenOffice, Google Docs) spreadsheets. To start importing click on the project name in the top-right corner and select 'Imports'. The import process consists of two easy steps: analysing and importing.

Select the spreadsheet file on your device to upload it to One Community. The structure of the file will automatically be analysed and the records will be validated against - for example - valid e-mail addressed. After analysing, the import file is either refused or accepted. If refused, the interface will provide you with hints on how to fix the file (e.g., validation errors). If accepted, the records are ready to be imported and persisted to the CRM database. The interface will indicate if there are any potential duplicate records found. Finally, the user will instruct One Community what to do with potential duplicates (skip or import anyway) and the contacts can optionally be imported into a group.

The spreadsheet file must follow a certain structure:

  • The first row must contain the columns. The columns must be named exactly as listed below. Unsupported columns are ignored.
  • The other rows each specify a contact. Empty cells (or containing only a . or -) are treated as the absence of a value.

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), all contacts are unsubscribed from mailings by default. Include the subscribe_to_mails column with a non-empty value to automatically subscribe opted-in contacts to mails. Leave empty to unsubscribe.

ColumnDescriptionPossible valuesExample
account_type_nameDefines whether the record denotes a individual contact, organisation or team.

contact organisation team

titleThe name of the organisation. Should only be included when account_type_name equals organisation. "One Community"
initialsContact details of the contact. For organisation, this refers to the contact person of the organisation. "J.T."
first_name  "Jan"
infix  "van" 
last_name  "Egmond"
genderDefines whether the contact is male or female. Leave empty when"m"
street  "NDSM-plein"
house_number  36
house_number_addition  "a"
city  "Amsterdam"
zip_code  "1033WB"
country  "NL"
postal_streetA secondary address for postal mail. "NDSM-plein"
postal_house_number  36
postal_house_number_addition  "a"
postal_city  "Amsterdam"
postal_zip_code  "1033WB"
postal_country  "NL"
emailPrimary e-mail address that will be used for outgoing mail.Valid e-mail addresses.""
secondary_emailSecondary e-mail address for administrative purposeValid e-mail addresses.""
phone_homeHome phone number. Assumed to be a Dutch phone number when a country code is missing.Valid phone number."088 366 54 33"
phone_workWork phone number.Valid phone number."+31883665433"
phone_privatePrivate phone number.Valid phone number."00 31 6 12345678"
phone_emergencyPhone number in case of emergency.Valid phone number."00 31 6 12345678"
date_of_birthProperly formatted date of birth.DD-MM-YYYY
note  "Prefers communication by e-mail"
passwordPlain-text password (unsafe). "jvegmond123"
Specify any value to subscribe to mailings. Leave empty to unsubscribe. "Yes"
created_atProperly formatted date that will be used as timestamp.YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"2018-04-19 13:57:00"