Building segments

In the segment section you can build your own segments. This function is really powerful and can help you by making selections on all kinds off criteria. Segments can be used in mailings, on pages and in forms. 

Step by step:

  • Click the '+ Add' button to create a new segment 
  • Give the segment a title
  • Choose the criteria for your segment:
  • Based on contact details
  • Based on groups
  • Based on other segments
  • Based on forms

These criteria can be combined to make a powerful selection. Below you can find what these criteria can do for you.

Based on contact details

Use this for selections based on information we know about your contacts. For example, name, address, date of birth, gender, date created: If you want to find all male contacts named Jan, who are living in Amsterdam, are born in July and have been added in to your CRM database in 2018.

Based on groups

You can use this to find contact who are in a specific group and/or exclude contact that are in specific groups. For example: we want to find all contacts that are in de group events and not in the group partners. 

Based on other segments

If you've created a segment before which you'd like to keep as it is but you want to narrow it down you can use this. For example: You want to find contact in your new segment which are not already in a different existing segment. A different reason why you'd might want to use this is too combine two or more segments to make a total selection.

Based on forms

Here you can use all available form information. So for example you want to find all contacts that have a form entry of the donation form or all contacts that replied on an invitation form. In the form you can look for specific answers on specific form fields if you like. You can also work the other way around: Find contacts that have not yet replied on the invitation form.

It might look like a lot of information but you will soon find out what it can do for you, just give it a try!