Exporting data

The following data can be exported to a convenient Excel spreadsheet (.xlsx):

  • Contacts
  • Groups
  • Segments
  • Form entries
  • Crowdfunding campaigns
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Purchases
  • Transactions 

Proper permissions must be granted to be able to request and download exports.

Requesting an export

An export of data can be requested by clicking on the options button above a table, followed by clicking on 'Export'. Export can either be generated immediately or be scheduled. For example: schedule a list of crowdfunding campaigns on every first day of the month.  

All selection criteria, such as filters and search terms, are applied to the export selection.

Downloading an export

After requesting an export, click on the project name in the top-right corner and select exports to get an overview of all requested exports. Here you can inspect the status and scope of an export (e.g., Orders) its filters and search terms. Moreover, the requester and timestamp are included. After locating the row that contains your export, click on the options button on the right of the row and select 'Download'. The Excel file containing the requested data will be downloaded to your device.

Tip: Keep your project clean by regularly deleting unused exports.