Getting started

E-mail is a great medium to reach your contacts. You can reach the right contacts by combining the powerful Community concepts, such as Groups and Segments (see Getting started: Community). Set-up your first mail campaign using the articles below:

Besides mailings, One Community also supports so-called 'transactional mails'. In short, transactional mails have one recipient and are typically sent after an action, such as receiving a confirmation after submitting a form. Mailings usually reach a large audience, such as newsletters. See Difference between mailings and transactional mails.

Have you built a form and want to share it? Haven't built one yet? Take a look at Creating forms, it is easy and powerful! Or want to share a restricted page? Just mail a link to the page and One Community will make sure that form entries get attached to the right contact. See:

Of course, it also possible to send e-mails from your own e-mail address. But, you can also take it a step further and let each of your contacts receive mail from a personalised sender.