Getting started

The Community section is where you can find and organise all your contacts. Contacts are not limited to natural people, but also include organisations and teams. The easiest way to add a contact to your CRM is by entering the contact's details yourself. Want to copy your existing database into One Community? Take a look at the article about importing. Ready for the real deal? Build a form and let end-users enter the information you require.

After a while you might find out that you have duplicate contact in your community. One Community has the option to merge duplicate contacts. This way you can keep your CRM clean. 

One Community provides the concept of Groups to help you organise all contacts. Groups allow you to put the same contacts together, like folders on your computer -- with the difference that in One Community contacts can be in multiple groups at the same time. Moreover, you can create a convenient organisational structure by nesting groups. Check out the articles below to get started:

You can also define selection criteria and let One Community find all contacts that match the criteria. We call this a Segment. Contacts are automatically added too and removed from the segment as related information changes.

The difference between groups and segments is that contacts can only be added to a group manually or by filling out a form. Contacts are automatically added to and removed from segments based on whether they match the defined criteria. Segments are being recalculated continuously.