Adding a page

Navigate in the left menubar to 'Content' and select 'Pages'. Then click on the + Add button to start building your new page. 

Now you're all set to start creating the new page. Follow the next steps to complete your page:

  • Add a title, this will be shown at the top of the browser
  • Add a meta description, this will be shown on sites like Google and Facebook and helps search engines to find your page.
  • Select a header and a footer, when left empty the default header and footer will be used automatically. 
  • Select the language of the page. This will translate system content on the page, for example profile overviews and form notifications. 
  • Add a flag if needed. 
  • Choose the acces level of the page. Who can see the page and choose whether it needs to be redirected to a different page or not. 
  • Click the 'Add & continue' button to save your page. 

You've now successfully created a new page!

Filling a page with content

When you've created a page you're all set to fill it with content. Good to know: Pages are filled with rows, rows are filled with columns and columns are filled with modules.

So, follow the next steps to complete your page:

  • Add a new row by clicking on '+ Insert row'.
  • Choose a Theme for the row, this can either be the default colour, one of the preset colours, white, black or transparent.
  • Select attributes like full width and no spacing for full screen content. 
  • Add columns to the new row.
  • Increase or decrease the width of specific columns if you like.

Now that you have a row filled with one or more columns it is time to select or create modules in the columns. 

  • Select a modules if it has already been created before. Start typing to find the module you are looking for.
  • Or choose create a new module to build a new module which hasn't been used on the website before. Choose which type of module you wish to create and finish it by filling all needed fields in the module type. Learn more about modules by clicking here.

Now that the page is ready you might want to reverse or reposition some content for mobile devices. Click mobile and use to "Reverse column order" function to make sure the right content is shown at the top of the row. 

You can add as many rows and modules as you'd like. And of course you can always edit, delete or re-position the rows, columns and modules at any time by using the drag and drop function, the pencil, garbage can and the up and down arrows. Good luck!