Website settings

In the website settings it is possible to change some general settings, the look and feel of your website, page blocks (headers & footers), social media links, tracking codes and scripts.


Change the title of your website, this is show in the top of the browser and when the url is shared or shown on a search engine.

Choose the default language of your website. 

Choose if you want to ask for cookie consent. A cookie bar will be shown on the bottom of your website.  

Reset password mail
Set the (Transactional) mail that will be send if users of your website request a new password. 

Look & feel

Brand colors
Define your brand colors so that they can be used on your website. We recommend using your brighest brand color as the primary color, and a darker color as the secondary color.

Upload a logo to show it on your website in de default header bar. Optionally upload a version of your logo that can be shown on dark backgrounds.

Header bar
The header bar floats at the top of your website and contains your logo, the main navigation, and optionally a login button for end-users. 

Footer bar
The footer sits at the bottom of your website and contains the footer navigation and social media links.

Page blocks

If you want a custom designed header or footer please contact our support team:
Pages could also have different headers and footers or no header and footer at all. Page blocks can be chosen at the settings of the page you would like to change. 

Social media

Enter your social media handles to display them on your website. They will be shown in the default footer bar or in your custom footer page block. 

Tracking codes

Enter tracking codes to track your visitors.

  • Google Tag Manager
  • Google Remarketing Pixel
  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook / Meta Pixel


Enter custom/third party scripts. If you have questions about add scripts to the <head> or <body> please contact our support team: