Creating modules

Pages of your website will be filled with Modules. Modules can be all sorts of content. Think of images, videos, text etc. Modules can be created while editing a page by creating a row and then hit the "Create new" button in the row. Or create Modules on Modules overview page and add them to the website later. 

You can create several types of modules:

  • Content block
  • Button
  • Image
  • Slider
  • Video
  • Gallery
  • Carousel
  • Share
  • List
  • Line
  • News
  • News feed
  • Form
  • FAQ
  • Campaign(er) overview
  • Countdown
  • HTML block

Content block

This module type is for simple content (text and images). The module has a Wysiwyg-editor to make it easy to do some simple styling like bold, italic, underline, Titles, hyperlinks, images, tables and lists. Use the code viewer to add some extra HTML-coding in the Content block.

When the content is ready select the brand color. By default the content will be placed in a white box matching your website default styles. Change the color of the box or make it transparent. 


Add a button with an internal or external link to your page. Choose a tekst, link, size, color and align the button. 


Upload an image and optionally display text on top of the image. The image can also link to other pages.


First add the slider module and choose an aspect ratio of your images. Set the time per slide and choose wether you want to show slider controls. Save the module and click it again to upload multiple images and optionally display text on top of the image. The slider shows one image at a time and slide to the next one after a few seconds.


Adding a video to your website is easy. Just copy a video url from YouTube or Vimeo and paste it in the video module. Add a title and a brand color to show above the video or leave it empty and select transparent to just show the video. 







News feed


If you've created a form you are ready to add it to a webpage. To do this you'll need to create a Form module. Select the right form and choose a confirmation page. If you want to use Success message of the form on its page leave it black. Before saving remember to choose a brand color for the form matching your website styles. 


Give the FAQ module a title and start adding Q&A's. If you like to reorder Questions after your finished use the small angles on the right.

Tip! Use multiple FAQ modules to group the Questions. For example 'Registration', 'Privacy' and 'Practical information'. 

Campaign(er) overview


HTML block

If your an advanced or pro user of One Community you might want try and work with the HTML block modules. This modules gives you the freedom to work with all kinds of rich HTML content. If you have questions about HTML modules don't hesitate to ask for help.