Annual payments

In the context of sponsors it might be interesting to see how much someone paid per year. Contacts may have transactions through different channels (e.g., direct debit and bank transfer) and purchases (e.g., a monthly subscription that was active in the first half of the year and yearly subscription that became active in the second half of the year). One Community provides a mechanism to aggregate all relevant transacties and group them by year. The actual and expected amounts are automatically recorded and you can see and use this information to make selections through our segment builder.

This is especially useful to manage "Periodieke schenkingen" (or "Notariële aktes") in The Netherlands and "Fiscale attesten" in Belgium.


The 'Orders & Gifts' tab of the contact view contains the 'Annual payments' table containing the actual and expected amount per year:

One Community automatically calculates the expected amount based on the contact's orders and the corresponding start and end dates. It is possible to overwrite the expected amount by clicking 'Add' at the top. A convenient way to register and monitor written agreements.


The information about annual payments can be used to create useful selections through the segment builder. For example, the selection:

"All contacts that were expected to give more than € 1000,00 in 2017, but only paid less than 95% of the expected amount."

can easily be defined as follows:

Tip: drop the "Year" criterium to select all contacts that ever contributed more than € xxx,xx.

Contributing products

You can control which products should contribute to annual amounts, by selecting the 'Contributes to annual amount' option when adding or editing a product. This allows you to aggregate sponsorships, while excluding other purchases such as T-shirts or registration fees.