Importing bank statements

Bank statements include bank account information for a specified period, such as balance and entries booked to the account. Those statements can be uploaded to One Community to synchronise your bank entries. The following actions take place:

  • Auto-complete direct debit batches. The booking date is registered as payment date.
  • Process direct debit reversals. Transactions are marked as reversed and automatic post-processing might take place, such as retrying, sending an e-mail and/or cancelling the corresponding subscription.
  • Create transactions. Payments that are not invoked or recognised by One Community can be processed manually so you do not miss anything.

Uploading bank statements

Navigate to 'Finance > Bank statements' and click on the Import button to upload your bank statement file. This is an xml file which can be downloaded from your banking interface. The supported format is CAMT.053.

Processing reversals

Reversals can automatically trigger actions based on the reversal code (e.g. AM04: Insufficient funds) and the number of occurrences (e.g., two times in a row). The following actions can be triggered:

  • Retrying the transaction
  • Cancelling the corresponding recurring purchase
  • Attaching the transaction's contact to a group
  • Sending a mail to the transaction's contact

If you would like to set this up, please contact Support.


Select a start and end date in the 'Finance > Bank statements' interface to get an overview of the seen reversal codes and triggered actions.