Direct debit batches

One Community has support for creating and processing your own SEPA Direct Debit files. The files can be created with a single click - no financial background required - and be uploaded directly to your bank.

Creating a batch

Navigate to 'Finance > Direct debit' and click on 'Add' at the top. One Community will show you how many transactions are ready to be collected through direct debit. You can enter a title for your own administration (e.g., 'week 34'), your contacts won't see this. The statement you can enter will be seen shown on your contact's bank statement. Finally, a collection date must be specified within the near future. This allows you to create and upload a batch on Friday and tell the bank to collect the payments on coming Tuesday.

After defining and creating the batch click on 'Download XML file' to receive the SEPA Direct Debit batch file and upload it in your banking interface.

Processing batches

After uploading the batch to your bank, you should mark the batch as 'Submitted' in One Community. You can do this by clicking on the title of your batch and choose 'Set status > Submitted'. After the bank has collected the money, you can mark the batch as 'Processed'. At this point, all transactions that are in this batch are marked as 'Paid'. The next step is to process reversals, this can be done either manually or automatically.