Financial dashboard

The financial dashboard gives insight into the flow of money in One Community. For a given time range, which can be configured at the top of the page, total amounts are shown for product categories and products, payment methods, VAT percentages. Each category is broken down into different columns corresponding to different payment statuses: refunded (which includes both refunded and reversed transactions), paused, open, paid and a total of open and paid.

The time range can be changed at the top and determines the period for which the data is shown. By default, it is set to the last 12 months.

Below the date picker, totals are shown for product categories, payment methods and VAT percentages. If you wish to focus the dashboard on specific categories, tick the boxes in front of the categories and click Apply. As a result, the entire dashboard will change based on the selected categories. This allows you to zoom in on the information you're interested in.