Getting started

The Finance section is where the money is actually moving around. Depending on your needs, you can decide to let One Community take care of this. In that case, One Community invokes a payment service provider (such as iDEAL, Mollie, Adyen etc.) and automatically synchronises the payment status (e.g., cancelled or paid). You can also decide to stay in control and manage your own SEPA Direct Debit batches and import bank statements to automatically follow-up reversals. Either way, the Financial dashboard provides a great insight in your money flow:

New transactions are created through Orders, which can be created manually, or via forms:

Contact us to get started with the payment service provider (PSP) of your choice. PSPs act as a gateway to many payment methods. This allows you to accept payments from all over the world with a single contract. You can use your existing contract, or we can guide you in selecting the appropriate PSP. Handling bank transfer or SEPA Direct Debit payments by yourself? Then the articles below might be a good read:

SEPA Direct Debit payments come with a downside: reversals. One Community can automatically process them and even take appropriate actions (such as, retrying the transaction, sending an e-mail or cancelling the recurring purchase). Take a look at the article below for more information.

Finally, if you are receiving recurring purchases (e.g., monthly or yearly subscriptions), it might be interesting to see how much someone paid per year, or is expected to pay this year. This is especially useful to manage "Periodieke schenkingen" (or "NotariĆ«le aktes") in The Netherlands and "Fiscale attesten" in Belgium.